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Would you do business with your business?

June 14, 2016
Would you do business with your business

This is one of the most important questions a business owner can ever ask themselves. When was the last time, if ever, that you experienced what your customer or prospective customer experiences when they attempt to do business with your company? At OFS Smart Repair we are very serious about service and know that if we do not keep tabs on our customers’ experience, we will lose the plot very quickly. Therefore if you don’t know what kind of experience your customers are having, maybe it’s time to re-think, re-view and re-new. Here a couple of questions to consider:

  • What happens when a customer calls you business on the phone?

Are they greeted by a live person with a friendly voice who is happy to help them? Or are they greeted by a robot voice? Is the call answered on the first or second ring or on the eighth ring by someone who sounds like they’re annoyed that you’re even calling?

  • What about when a customer walks into your business?

Is there anyone to greet them? Are they greeting the customer with a smile and how can I help you, or is it with more of an I don’t care attitude? Do your customers have to search for ten minutes to find someone to help them? And once they do find someone, do they help them, or do tell them that it’s not their department?

  • What happens when your customer has a problem?

Is your customer told that it’s not your company’s fault? Or does your company take ownership and responsibility for the problem? How quickly is the problem resolved? Does the customer have to keep calling back to check on the status? Did you know that studies show customers are actually more loyal to a company that “rights a wrong” when they do it quickly and without blame. Imagine that, you make a mistake, and they like you better!

  • Do you and your employees know your customer’s names?

If so, are they using them? Are they addressing the customers with care and respect? Are your employees introducing themselves to your customers? Always personalise the experience. It will make the customer feel valued and want them to do business with your company.

  • What is the brand experience customers get when they engage with your business?

What makes your business stand out from the competition? The best creation of great value is to elevate a customer’s experience. Consumers want to have the sizzle, not just the steak! They want to bond with the brand. Take time to find out how to make their experience unforgettable.

WelcomeThink about it. There are many companies that provide the same products and services that you do. If you give your customer a bad brand experience and you make it hard to do business with you, will they? Or will they find someone else who will value them and their business and treat them well?

Customer service is not a department.

It is the responsibility of every employee, from the CEO to the cleaning personnel, and it must be practiced every day, in every customer interaction. Customers have a choice where they spend their money and who they do business with. How are YOUR actions and those of your employees affecting that decision?

So the question is, “would you do business with your business”? If the answer is yes, well done and keep up the good work. If the answer is no… well, then you will have to re-think, re-view and re-new your strategy immediately. Put a game plan together to make it better, today!

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