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What we learned about Instagram from local Social Media guru Christine Meintjes

October 15, 2018
What we learned about Instagram from local Social Media guru Christine Meintjes

Whatever you are, be a GOOD one • Abraham Lincoln

The first thing you should know about Christine Meintjes is she REALLY knows her stuff.

In 2007 she founded Christine Meintjes Photography. Fast forward a few years and she has shot over 350 weddings, travelled to more than 10 different countries for shoots and is considered to be one of THE best photographers on the continent being one of only five Premium Ambassadors for Nikon Southern Africa.

Amongst being a photographer, Christine Meintjes is also a top style influencer, specialist content creator and Social Media expert.

Christine successfully built South Africa’s first wedding blog The Pretty Blog which later turned into a lifestyle publication to reach

  • more than 650 000 users per month and
  • generate more than 5 million impressions per month through the blog and all their social media channels.

What we learned about Instagram from local Social Media guru Christine Meintjes

The second thing you should know about Christine Meintjes is she’s probably one of THE nicest, down-to-earth world-class gurus we’ve ever met.

Attending the B’loved Opportunity in an Age of Disruption conference in Johannesburg last month, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet the lovely Christine and attend her specialist Social Media workshop.

Focusing specifically on Instagram, Christine had many insightful tips on how to tackle the booming Social Media platform for a personal or business profile.

Here’s our TOP 7 Instagram TIPS we learned from local Social Media guru Christine Meintjes:

Top Tip 1: ALWAYS share quality content

Think about what you’re doing. Your content has to be consistent, coherent and ADD value to your follower’s experience. It has to be engaging, inspiring and genuinely interesting.

People aren’t on social media for a price promotion or a sales pitch. They want a story. They want fun.

Tell a story through pictures and words but teach your eye to ONLY post the best.

Post great quality pictures and take your time to write a note-worthy heading that’s fun, friendly and adds personality.

Christine Meintjes • Hello Smart Blog

Top Tip 2: Decide on a content strategy

Is your profile going to be a personal profile or are you focusing on business or a product? Maybe you want to do a hybrid of a personal and portfolio profile. Whichever you choose, be sure to keep the content strategy consistent, clever and top quality.

Also, there is a big difference between personal and private.

Personal is a curated glimpse into your life. Private is washing your dirty laundry in public.

The rule of thumb is, if you don’t want it on a billboard or the front page of a newspaper –> DO NOT post it.

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Nothing like coming home and sleeping in your own bed!! Going from hotel to hotel is only fun for a while, but I always enjoy coming back home, especially sleeping in my own bed! While traveling I realized how many people want to sleep in 5 star hotels to experience their amazing linen and duvets (sure that’s not all there is to a hotel, but something I always enjoy), however that’s only for a night or two. Have you ever thought about the fact that you can actually buy that 5 star experience for our own bedroom for life? Probably at the cost of a one night stay in a luxury hotel 😜 Since we upgraded our duvet to the 4 season duvet from @grannygoosesa, I feel like I’m sleeping in a 5 star hotel every night. No jokes, I can seriously recommend the investment! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ #grannygoosesa

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The coffee situation on this trip has been seriously interesting! Let’s just say I‘m looking forward to a strong coffee when we get back home from our trusted friends @deluxecoffeeworks at @dewarenmarkt, just up the road from our office. But first things first, yes I know I’m pregnant, but I’m allowed to have one caffeinated coffee a day, which makes the need for a GOOD coffee with breakfast even more important. Since we’ve been in Italy, it’s been a pretty sad, sad situation. I thought the Italians would make a mean coffee, however it’s not as common as I hoped. I actually remember the same experience from my trip to Florence last year until I finally found the only place in Florence with great coffee @dittaartigianale! At the one place we stayed this week, our two ‘cappuccinos’ arrived in a 750ml milk jug! Milk & coffee all mixed inside. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. The ratio was like 99% milk, 0,5% coffee. It was more like a luke warm coffee milkshake to be honest. But then we luckily discovered @versocoffice just around the corner from the apartment and it’s been our breakfast spot for the past two days. The first decent coffee this week. Guys thanks for rectifying the coffee situation! 😂👏🏻 #TheItalianCoffeeSituation #ThereIsHope Disclaimer: I’m sure their espressos are more decent, but I’m not an espresso drinker 😜

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TOP TIP 3: Your Instagram BIO is super important

Your bio is a very important introduction to your Instagram profile.

When someone takes the time to click through to your profile, your bio will be the very first thing they read and therefore be the very first impression you make.


Christine Meintjes Instagram

Who are you? What is your profile about?
  • Give a short interesting description of yourself or your business.
  • Add a link to another Instagram profile if you have one (for example link your personal profile to your business profile).
  • If you have a website URL add it to your bio.
  • Add your address (if applicable).
  • Add your unique # hashtag if you have one – for example #smartgirljeani


Jeani Meyer Instagram

TOP TIP 4: Engage

It’s not called a social network without reason.

If you want people to appreciate and engage with your posts, YOU have to engage with others as well.

Like, comment and follow other people. Take the time to show some love and appreciate their great content as well.

Comment more than a simple emoji. Write an actual sentence and always respond to the comments received on your posts.


TOP TIP 5: Use the BEST apps

There are amazing apps on Apple as well as Android especially designed to enhance your Instagram game.

Christine’s favourites?

Christine MeintjesChristine Meintjes

TOP TIP 6: Hashtags are essential

Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more Instagram followers and increase your engagement.

  • Use specific and relevant hashtags for each post.
  • Avoid gimmicky tags such as #likeforlike as well as hashtags that have been used a million or more times.
  • Choose tags that describe your account, your business, and your target market.
  • The jury is still out on the exact amount of hashtags to use. As a guide the maximum number of hashtags allowed by Instagram, is thirty –> While thirty tags may seem like a lot, using the maximum amount of Instagram hashtags gives you more opportunities to be discovered.

Christine Meintjes

TOP TIP 7: It will take time

Social Media is such an in-the-moment, right-here-right-now type of platform that it’s very easy to get discouraged when your account does not grow as quickly as you’d like it to.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

It will take a lot of hard work, effort and time to grow your account. Always post consistently good quality content, engage with others and work on your photo editing and creative writing skills.

Grow your account authentically and DO NOT buy followers. Fake followers will not add any value to your account as there will not be real engagement.

Also, there are websites and apps that businesses use to check the authenticity of influencers. Whether they have fake followers and audience credibility before they decide to work with them.

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Every now and then a VERY special day comes along and you get to meet the people who really INSPIRE you. Today was an absolute pinch-me day for me 😱 Ever since I fell in love with blogs (many moons ago 😉) I followed and was a MAJOR fan of @theprettyblog —> for me, @theprettyblog was the first South African blog that was as good (if not better) as any international publication. It wasn’t just a blog, it was a platform to inspire and in many ways it was a big influence on the blog I would one day create for @ofssmartrepair —> Hello Smart Blog. Today I got to meet the lovely @cmeintjes – the gobsmackingly talented photographer, social media guru and mastermind behind @theprettyblog and @meintjesandco ✔️ I had the opportunity to attend the very interesting and FUN @bloved_sa Age of Disruption conference in JHB featuring amongst others a special Social Media workshop by @cmeintjes 🗣 Thank you @bloved_sa for arranging such a FAB conference 👍🏻 Today was indeed a GOOD day 😁 • • • • • #smartlife #socialmedia #media #fly #johannesburg #christinemeintjesworkshop #flying #jozi #smartgirljeani #marketing #flysmart #joburg #flight #travels #bloved #christinemeintjes #workshops #wanderlust #socialmediaworkshop #instagramworkshop #montecasino #southafrica #digitalmarketing #thepalazzo #sandton #ofssmartrepair #socialmediamarketing #studentfortheday #branding

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Our Hello Smart Blog TOP TIP?

If you ever get the chance to attend a workshop by the superb Christine Meintjes – do NOT miss it.

We are privileged to have amazing local talent right here in South Africa and should tap into the wonderful insights of our very own gurus whenever we get the opportunity to do so.

Local is definitely LEKKER.

Follow Chrisine Meintjes on Instagram –> here.




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