We LUV Running – Meet smartgirl Nicolette

March 24, 2016

Back in December 2013 Nicolette, our debtors and invoicing executive, wanted to change her life. She wanted a challenge and decided running was going to be it. What started out as a friendly challenge between friends, very soon led to a whole new way of living.

“Getting up every morning 04:30 and running 8 to 10km is not something that comes naturally for any of us. It was a definite decision that I had to make every day and unfortunately I learnt very quickly that there were no secrets or shortcuts! In the beginning running was super tough, but I took it one day at a time, pacing myself and hanging in there, because I knew that eventually it would get easier.”

“The best thing about running for me was making new friends. I discovered that my neighbors are runners as well, and together we started training for the 2 Oceans Ultra marathon” – a whopping 56km!

“Training for an Ultra marathon was definitely a huge challenge I would not have had a go at it alone. It helps having someone with running experience in your corner. Someone who’ll teach you the ropes – long distance running is very strategic and a proper training program is a must. I was inspired by them, at the ages of 60+ they were still running marathons, and completed +/- 20 Two oceans and 20 Comrades individually!”

“I realised running has such a fantastic camaraderie because it is a sport for everyone at any age. Whether you run to keep your weight in tact or you run to live a healthier life, running is something that ANYONE can do!”

Nicolette’s running tips for beginners: 

  • Start with an easy program, something you’d be able to do
  • Know your limits
  • Try getting a group together, it’s easier getting up in the morning when you know someone is waiting for you
  • Keep setting goals for yourself – improving your time, running half marathons etc.
  • Don’t stop – even if you feel it’s never going to get easier
  • Believe in yourself

The very first race Nicolette ran was the 2 Oceans Half marathon 21km. “There’s no greater satisfaction than completing your first half marathon. I loved the accomplishment I felt after all the hard work and preparation I put in” Since then she has run the Kloppers marathon 42km, SWASAP marathon 42km, Mielie marathon 42km and the Two Oceans Ultra marathon 56km to name but a few.

“When I feel tired during a race, I make a point of focusing on the scenery, feeling the wind blow through my hair and letting my thoughts go. I LUV running. It’s my happy place.”

Nicolette’s tips for running gear

  • Invest in a GOOD running shoe
  • Whether you run with Nike, Adidas, Asics, etc. – what’s important is to know your running style in order to know which shoe you should run with
  • Get a nice anti-chafe cream, this will prevent skin rush
  • Personally I feel that a running cap is a must have

Good luck to #smartgirls Nicolette and Jeani who’ll be running the 2 Oceans Half Marathon on Saturday – make us proud and have FUN!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



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