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June 6, 2017
Winter wonderful • Smartguy

Winter is upon us BUT this month is all about the lads – and it’s high time we shift the focus a bit to the Smartguys. So because we all know men prefer minimum input, maximum reward I’m going to keep it super simple and easy this season…

Here are my Winter Wonderful 1-2-3 tips… the Smartguy edition:


Get Buff, no wait, get A Buff!

Buff Headwear

After working on those beach bodies all summer the last thing we want to do is let it all go to ruin because of those cold, dark winter mornings!

Buff headwear might look like a small piece of material but it’s versatility is endless. It can be worn in 13 different ways, protecting you from all the harsh elements like extreme cold and wind, the material even contains UV filters that protect against sun damage. They also come in very manly colors and patterns to suit your style and keep you active throughout winter.

*Buff headwear available at Cape Union Mart


FitChef Fit Fix


While we all crave hearty stews and soups with hot fresh bread in winter – a healthy diet is crucial! Now Lads, here is the super easy minimal input part  – FitChef

FitChef is a company based in Johannesburg and supplies healthy, hearty, calorie controlled meals as well as soups, smoothies and even brownies! These heat and eat meals are ultra easy and require no prep and no grocery lists.


Visit them on Facebook or search their website at and simply click and place your order. Remember: Hot summer bodies are made in Winter 😉



London Grooming Company

Looking at hair trends for 2017 it seems that pretty much anything goes. Compared to last year’s slick comb-over, 2017 sees more medium length hairstyles and cuts with a lot more thickness and almost messy texture.

London Grooming Company

The London Grooming Company offers great hair-care products for all modern men. Their amazing products have been designed by expert barbers in London and  are available at (Hint-hint great gift idea)


And staying on the gift ideas for winter  

Father's Day Gift Ideas

This month we are paying homage to all the standup Dadsters of the world and wishing you all a Happy Fathers Day!

Better let the moms read this last part for some gift inspiration..!
  • As usual Woolworths has an amazing selection ranging from coffee mugs, spices, slippers and a whole lot more.
  • For the Bear Grylls of the family I suggest you make a stop at your nearest Cape Union Mart and for
  • The suit and tie dad – what about a pair of personalized cuff-links available from

Father's Day

So snuggle up, stay warm and may you all have a super stylish Winter Wonderful 1-2-3 – Enjoy the month of June and a very special happy Fathers Day to all the SmartDads!


*Written by Tiffany from Tiffany. It’s a girl thing our in-house Beauty & Skin Whizz

Tiffany it's a girl thing

*Image Credits:,, London Grooming Company

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