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November 15, 2016
Super Summer Favourites

Summer is finally in a full swing and we are nearing the time of year where everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit.

Summer should be effortless (or at least look it;)  So I’ve chosen a few of my Super Summer Favourites to help…

Super Summer Favourites #1: Insta-Glow

Super Summer Favourites - Insta-glow

2 definite super summer favorites of mine for increadible Insta-glow are:

Super summer Favourites #2: Beachy waves

Beachy Waves Hair

When it comes to hair-care in summer, soft beach-waves are definitely a favourite. Achieve hassle-free locks by using a good heat-defense product. Favorites contain Argan or Moroccan oils that moisturize dry hair and tame frizziness. Use a curling tong for 5min curls. Best in the business is the GHD curling iron or the CLoud9 wand.

Super Summer Favourites #3: Favourite Finger First

Golden manicure with gems

This season is all about bright, bold colors and prints – all being transpired onto nails as well!

Two favorite looks this summer are:

  • Chrome-finish nails where a powder is applied that leaves a mirror finish;
  • and the second an optical illusion of color-changing nail polish. The color of the polish/gel changes according to your body temperature.
Super Summer Favourites #4: Brows on Fleek


#browsonfleek – This summer’s most trending topic! Full, fluffy, well groomed brows are all the rage and here are my favorite brow grooming tips:

  • Invest in a good tweezer, but use it very conservatively.
  • Threading is a great salon technique that’s not abrasive to the skin- add even more definition by adding a brow tint.
  • FAVOURITE brow trend at the moment – Microblading. Although it might sound brutal, this permanent technique will leave you with beautiful shaped, super low-maintenance brows.

*For gorgeous Bronzed Nude Summer Makeup – have a look at this FAB Zoella Tutorial

There you have my Super Summer Favorites for 2016 – so get your glow on, rock those beachy waves, nail the bold finger trend and get your brow on! Enjoy 🙂

Written by Tiffany from Tiffany…It’s a girl thing our in-house Beauty & Skin Whizz

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