Tiffany’s Tips • Smells like TEAM spirit

October 21, 2016
Tiffany's Tips Smells like TEAM spirit

One of my Top Tips for a healthy body and mind will always be to stay active. If you are into any form of sport, then by now you will know that summer is in full swing and there’s heaps of sporting action going on! From Currie Cup rugby (GO Cheetahs!!), cricket, golf, the recent olympics etc etc – there’s definitely something for everyone.

This seems to have quite an effect on the guys – many a event is planned around these sporting battles, but not only that, it seems to spur men on as well and everyone is hitting the gym or becoming more active in getting those summer muscles ready!

Optimising your workout routine plus balancing work and family can be tricky for the guys as well, so here are a few tips to stay fit, active and healthy and still look good doing it!

Active runner


If you only have limited time to freshen up after a workout the best way to ban the sweat is by using a effective anti-perspirant deodorant. Top rankers are Sanex and Mitchum.

  • Avoid synthetic clothing and opt for natural fibres like bamboo or a clima-cool option.
  • Always carry a sweat-towel with you.
  • Drink water throughout your workout to help keep your core-temperature cool.

Another way to fit in a quick workout AND keep cool is to hit the pool. Swimming is a full-body cardio workout and can be done in a short period of time without working up too much of a sweat.

Take on for the team

Even with a rushed schedule a 5min shower post-workout is a must.

  • Use a bodywash/shampoo combo to save time.
  • Body and hair products that contain mint are extra refreshing.
  • Powder is a great sweat absorber and can be used for body, but most importantly in shoes.
  • Use a face moisturiser that contains spf for extra efficiency.
Love the players, enjoy the games and be on the winning team with these top tips!

Written by Tiffany from Tiffany…It’s a girl thing our in-house Beauty & Skin Whizz

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