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May 24, 2016

This month we want to hear how smart all the Smartguys really are when it comes to Manscaping. A term that has been widely used since 2010 and is actually featured in some dictionaries.

For some the word, Manscaping, conjures up vivid images of some poor guy being smeared with wax and ripped off (viciously!) and for others it simply seems to be something for the softies and the sissies!

Well you couldn’t be any more wrong! Studies have shown that since 2012 40% of men claim to groom themselves compared to only 5% in 2005! So let’s break it down- you don’t have to look like Ken, but unless you’re Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings or Tom Hanks in Castaway, there is no excuse not to be kept and tailored.

2015 saw the manscaping trends of the full beard, man-bun, as well as longer hair styles go viral! But…with great beard comes great responsibility – which saw the launch of a multitude of grooming tools and lotions to keep your look, well, manicured. Another study also showed that 57% of women consider poor body grooming a MAJOR turn-off. All the more reason to “clean” up your act (and yourself!)

The good news is you don’t have to go at it alone – before you get yourself into a sticky (regrettable) situation – seek professional help. Most salons offer male treatments. Also, a variety of hair removal creams and waxes are available and easy to use. Or if you are looking for a more drastic solution: permanent laser hair removal is also an option.

TOP Manscaping Tips:

  • pluck unruly uni-brows and trim bushy brows
  • Trim stray nose and ear hairs
  • Keep a clean neck line
  • Clip and file nails regularly
  • Use a proper face-wash and moisturizer. (Preferably one with an added SPF)

TOP Manscaping Tools to invest in:

  • Tweezers
  • Manicure kit (nail clippers, small scissors etc.)
  • Trimmer (waterproof ones work well)
  • Nose hair trimmer

Written by Tiffany from Tiffany…It’s a girl thing our in-house Beauty & Skin Whizz

Tiffany it's a girl thing

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