Tiffany’s Tips • How to run and look like a pro

April 7, 2017
Tiffany’s Tips • How to run and look like a pro

Lately I’ve been noticing a drastic increase in runners seen on our local roads. Everywhere I look, people from all walks of life, with one common interest. Upon closer inspection it has become evident just how many people are training for the Two Oceans Marathon this year!

What else has become quite apparent is that there is a whole new dynamic when it comes to running these days – OUT with the PT shorts and huge over-sized T-shirts and IN with the run-like-a-pro gear.

So this month on Tiffany’s Tips, in honour of the Two Oceans Marathon (which coincidentally, I’m running with a group of my SMART girlfriends this coming Easter weekend – yay!), I decided to share my tip top pointers on HOW TO ROCK YOUR RUN and look good while doing it.

How to run and look like a pro:

Bringing sexy back

Quite. Literally. A huge trend at the moment is sexy back tops with cut-outs showing off bright sports bras with intricate strap detail and prints. Strangely you WANT your bra to show! Pair a top with a bottom that has a mesh-insert and look ultra sexy this running season.

*These hot looks can be found at Cotton On Sport or visit for all the major sport retail brands at your fingertips.

backless running top

Hey Slick

When it comes to hair while running it can be tricky to make it look good while sweating… BUT thankfully you can rock the slick back ponytail and run effortlessly without strays in your face. Use a little hair oil such as Moroccan oil and a bit of gel and pull together in a tight ponytail. Sporty!

*My favourites include a wet-look gel, Moroccan Oil or even a bit of conditioner. Try Dischem or Clicks for great affordable options.

running ponytail

Sunny days

Never under-estimate the power of a good pair of sunglasses. These babies protect eyes from harmful UV-rays, wind, insects etc. Sunglasses also cause you to squint less therefore preventing further wrinkles forming around the sensitive eye area.

*All the major sport brands are selling sunglasses in the latest trending shapes, they fit snug and are super lightweight. Visit TotalSports for a great variety.

Running sunglasses

Keep it together!

My all time NR 1 favorite running item is definitely my running belt. It holds keys, cellphones, tissues, lip ice AND energy sachets with ease and without any discomfort. It slips easily around your waist and holds your goods secure. Click on —> this link for an easy DIY running belt tutorial.

*Running belts are also available from Capestorm or your nearest Sportsmans Warehouse.

Running belt

There you go Smartguys and Smartgirls, lace up and enjoy those super-styling runs!

GOOD LUCK to all the runners taking part in this coming Easter weekend’s Two Oceans Marathon, half marathon and trail run – ENJOY!


*Written by Tiffany from Tiffany. It’s a girl thing our in-house Beauty & Skin Whizz

Tiffany it's a girl thing

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