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August 19, 2016
Gold Medal Beauty Bag Products

In the spirit of all things Olympic (and with Spring right around the corner), it’s time to shake off Winter and dive right into a new season! Although we might not be Olympic winners and record setters ourselves, this month I am featuring some serious Beauty Bag product contenders up for gold!

Here are my top 5 Gold Medal Beauty Bag product picks:

Gold Medal Beauty products

For a Gold Medal Face:
Beauty Bag pick #1: Lamelle Nourish

Golf Medal Beauty Bag: Lamelle NourishFantastic for Anti-Ageing, the Lamelle Nourish product line means business! First of it’s kind, this revolutionary range is capable of entering damaged skin cells and repair damage at a DNA level, while addressing every aspect of skin ageing through extremely powerful anti-oxidants, advanced hydration complexes and anti-inflammatory herb blends (To name only but a few).

For Gorgeous Godly-Locks
Beauty Bag pick #2: Kerastasé Initialiste

Gold Medal Beauty Bag: Kerastasé InitialisteThis faboulous advanced scalp and hair concentrate works from the hair follicle to stimulate healthy, new hair growth and revive lack-lustre locks.

Beauty Bag pick #3: Kerastasé Discipline Masque Idéal

Beauty Bag pick #3: Kerastasé Discipline Masque IdéalThis masque from Kerastase is jam packed with pro-keratin and elastin to tame even the dryest, frizziest, most-unruly hair – apply after shampoo, rinse and viola! Glossy, super soft shiny hair.

Beauty Bag pick #4: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Beauty Bag pick #4: Batiste Dry ShampooThis old favorite Beauty Bag friend of mine is not only really affordable but comes in a variety of color options and fragrances – So, whether you’re a blond, brunette or redhead, Batiste Dry Shampoo is truly a life saver for those late mornings and lazy days when you need a spritz to rejuvenate your locks.

For Gold Medal Skin
Beauty Bag pick #5: Essel Humankind Tissue Oil body butter

Beauty Bag pick #5: Essel Humankind Tissue Oil body butterThis high quality, completely organic body butter is an absolute must for dry winter skin. It instantly moisturizes skin and is absorbed completely, leaving no oily residue – only a healthy golden glow!

So there you have it Smartgirls (and guys) – Go for Gold with these podium-worthy products and you too can have a champion Beauty Bag!

Gold Medal Beauty Bag products

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Written by Tiffany from Tiffany…It’s a girl thing our in-house Beauty & Skin Whizz

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