Things to look forward to on Hello Smart Blog in 2017

January 20, 2017
What's next on Hello Smart Blog
Say it with us: 2017 is going to be great!

Welcome back to Hello Smart Blog. It’s time to get back into action on the blog and boy, do we have some pretty cool posts planned for 2017! Style, food, fashion, travel, business… we’ve got it all this year.

So, as we welcome a fresh new year, here are couple of things to look forward to on Hello Smart Blog in 2017:
#1 Style

Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad

Want to know which fashion trends and it items you cannot live without in 2017? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be featuring the hottest street styles, It bags, key pieces for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, Top SA leather bag designers and many many more.

The Smartguys and Smartgirls will rock the latest looks inspired by the most up-to-date trends and we’ll give you tips and tricks how to translate the looks for the office.

#2 Smartlife

Travel with Hello Smart Blog

We’re doing some very exciting traveling this year. Johannesburg, Cape Town, Prague, Portugal… we have some serious sight seeing to do and guess what?? You can tag along! We’ll be sure to share the best of our traveling pics right here on Hello Smart Blog of course;)

But that’s not all… Movie guides, books, tech, entertainment, fitness, health and even karaoke! Smartlife will be jam-packed with all the lifestyle goods you love.

#3 Smart food with Jill

Smart Food Jill's favourite things Breakfast hamper

Culinary Queen Jill Nowers of Jack & Jill Food co. will inspire and delight your taste buds with interesting recipes, fabulous foodie ideas and the latest in gorgeously fresh cooking. One word: YUM

#4 Tiffany’s Tips

Tiffany's Tips

Want to know the very latest skin and beauty trends, innovations and ingredients that will be huge this year? The lovely Tiffany Pienaar of Tiffany… it’s a girl thing is ready to share her top secrets and super products for 2017. Don’t miss it!

#5 Music by Magpie

Favourite Music

What music should be on our playlist in 2017? In our opinion there is NO better authority on the matter than Bloem’s favourite DJ, the beautiful music maven Margaret Whitfield a.k.a DJ Magpie.

There will be rock, there will be roll. Indie, pop, local tunes, fantastic groves and many many more. We can’t wait!

#6 Brainy Business

OFS Smart Repair

Want to know how to manage your time better? Need some tips in public speaking? Wondering what exactly Smartphone etiquette is?!

These are just a couple of subjects we’ll be covering on Brainy Business – Definitely going to be an interesting section this year.

#7 Bright Sparks

Tony Peng ENVIE Hellosmartblog

Bright Sparks was certainly one of our most favourite sections on the blog in 2016 and this year will be no different! We’ll be featuring the coolest, sassy, smart, witty and brilliantly bright local individuals who awes us not only their talent, but inspires us with their determination and grit.

Photographers, Architects, Athletes, CEO’s, Creatives… This year Bright Sparks is going to be a cracker, so stay tuned!

#8 Cool Spots

Friday Nite Food Market at Reizis Square

Introducing our brand NEW category on the blog, Cool Spots. We’re going the visit the coolest funky interesting local spots around. Festivals, offices, shopping spots, eateries, gin bars… we’re going to visit them all and show you just how much variety and merriment our local spots have to offer.

So there you have it. We’re ready to rock ‘n roll. Let’s get started and make 2017 a SMART sassy stylish year!







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