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November 8, 2016
Smart Food Jill's favourite things


At Jack and Jill Food Co. we have a simple food philosophy – fresh food fast… Since opening the café in January 2015, I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to some great local artisan ingredients & products that are oh so tasty and in my opinion rated can’t live without on the scale of necessities… We love these products so much that we can’t but help share them with you, so that you too, have the opportunity of indulging in our favourite things in your own home…

These are a few of our favourite things

Smart Food Jill's favourite things

Smart Food Jill's favourite things

Breakfast is by far our favourite meal of the day

In the shop our “brekfis” menu runs until we close our kitchen at 4pm.  I selected some of our preferred “brekfis” items and built a kick ass gift hamper that could only spread some serious “brekfis” cheer..

Smart Food Jill's favourite things Breakfast hamper

Farm fresh eggs favourite things

Smart Food Favourite things Fresh pressed juice

Brekfis Hamper
  • Farm fresh eggs from Farmer Theo & his clucking crew of Matilda’s
  • Our delicious carrot cranberry and pumpkin seed muffins
  • Fresh pressed juice,
  • Seasonal berries,
  • Farm honey
  • Our homemade Jack ‘n Jill honey almond granola,
  • Bos hot tea,
  • Heavenly St Dairy natural quark and
  • A bunch of yellow tulips to brighten your morning.

However you decide to eat and drink your way through the hamper, share it with family and friends and enjoy it!

Smart Food Jill's favourite things Breakfast hamper

Jack 'n Jill Food co favourite things

Jack 'n Jill Food co favourite things

The season of “braaivleis ‘n kuier” is upon us

Gone are the days of giving your hosts a box of dinner mints!

  • Pack in one of our gorgeous Lonehill Woodshop cottonwood serving boards with
  • a freshly baked artisan loaf and
  • some tomato ginger jam.

Voila!!  A great thank you that doubles up as a side dish at dinner (which conveniently you also get to enjoy)!

Artisan Bread Favourite things eyepoetryphotography36 eyepoetryphotography37

Christmas break is our favourite time of the year.

It means a serious amount of much needed rest and relaxation.  Friends popping by for a quick chitchat are par for the course, so having the following 3 items handy makes for effortless entertainment.

  • Our espresso blend sourced by Stereo Café,
  • Guilt free skinny hot chocolate by NOMU and
  • Lindies Chocolate Brownies (which are magically transformed into a decadent dessert by warming slightly in the micro and adding a blob of ice cream).

Smart Food Favourite things

Smart Food Favourite things Hot chocolate

Smart Food Favourite things

These are a few of our favourite things

Some more of our favourite things
  • Our favourite space: TheHangOut … Aptly named because it used to be the washing line area of our flat dwelling neighbours… It’s a great space to celebrate in, to meet in or just sit and quietly sip on your coffee.
  • Our favourite colour: Yellow … Encompasses happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine and spring
  • Our favourite photographer: Eye Poetry Photography … FJ has the uncanny ability to make the image come alive through his lens…
  • My favourite gadget: Apple Watch
  • Love my nails: Rosie at Cosmoderm nail bar

These are a few of our favourite things The Hang out

Written by Jill Nowers of Jack & Jill Food co. • Our in-house Culinary Creative

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