Just n Motion • The Importance of Strength Training for Women

August 17, 2017
Just n Motion • The importance of strength training for women
There has been a misconception.

Many women think that strength training and lifting weights to improve your physique and strength is a ‘manly’ way of exercising. However, women have made significant strides in our modern day society of being just as capable of matching the demands of modern exercise techniques as men.

Women typically used to be characterised by spending 90% of their gym workouts on cardio machines but this has definitely changed. In fact, the way female athletes and active individuals train has changed significantly over recent times.

So WHY do strength and weight training?

Just n Motion • The importance of strength training for womenIt’s a NO Brainer Ladies!

Here is a list of benefits associated with Weight and Strength training for women:
  1. Lose Body Fat

Weight training builds muscle, as lean muscle increases so does metabolism. A higher metabolism means that you will burn more calories all day long.

Studies found that the the average woman who does strength training 2 to 3 times a week for two months will gain nearly 1kg of muscle and will lose 2.2kg of fat!

For each kg of muscle you gain, you’ll burn 35 to 50 more calories per day. That can really add up over the long term.

  1. Gain Strength without Bulking

One of the most common reasons women avoid weight training is because they are afraid of “bulking.”

This is a misconception as it physically can not happen. Women simply don’t have the testosterone to build muscle like men. Women have 10 to 30 times less testosterone than men and have a much harder time gaining size from strength training. Insead women develop muscle definition and strength without the size.

  1. Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis

Weight training not only strengthens muscles, it strengthens your bones.

Weight training increases bone density, which reduces the risk of fractures and broken bones. Research has also shown weight training can increase spinal bone density to create a strong and healthy spine.

  1. Reduce Risk of Injury

Weight training also increases strength in connective tissues and joints.

Strong joints, ligaments, and tendons are important to prevent injury and can relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Strengthening muscles and connective tissue will make injury from daily tasks and routine exercise less likely, and can even improve sports performance.

  1. Burn More Calories

Weight and strenght training has been proven to raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout.

The more intense the workout the more calories are burned. After an intense workout there is more Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC, meaning there is an increase in oxygen consumption, helping break down fat stores in the body.

  1. Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Weight training will strengthen your back, shoulders, and core, helping to correct bad posture so that you can stand taller, with shoulders back and spine straight.

A stronger back and core will also prevent lower back pain.

  1. Enhance Mood & Reduce Stress

Exercise and weight-training release endorphins 🙂

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and fight depression. An increased in endorphins naturally reduces stress and anxiety. Endorphins also stimulate the mind, improving alertness and boosting energy. Weight-training can brighten your entire day or help you combat a bad one.

Just n Motion • The importance of strength training for women

Tips to getting started and making sure you start off on the right foot:

  • Train correct core activation

The local stabalisers of your pelvic floor and spine must be trained correctly and the activation technique is very important. This will help with creating that flat and toned stomach that we are striving for.

  • Program design must be specialised to your needs

Consult an exercise professional to help you design a program that will help you achieve your goals. Following the correct technique whilst doing weight training is very important.

  • Good balance between cardio and weight training

Dont just think that running on a treadmill for an hour or doing weight training for an hour is going to get you into tip top shape, if you find the balnace, you will get the results!

  • Follow a manageable and specialised eating program

Make sure that your lifestyle and eating program walk hand in hand, be realistic yet desciplined with what you eat and when. Ultimately consult a dietary expert in conjuction with an exercise professional.

  • Make time for yourself

Even if you have to follow a home program, it’s better than nothing! Start with what you can manage and build your training time up to an hour

  • Set yourself a goal and stick to it

Only you have the power to change how you look and the results you get. A trainer is there to help you but can not transform you, that is the hard work and dedication you are prepared to put in!

Girl Power!!!!

Just n Motion • The importance of strength training for women

Well there you have it! Strength training for women really IS the way to train!

Happy Women’s month to all the ladies and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and get stronger!


Till next time, Cheers!

*Written by our health and fitness guru Justin Oelofsen • Owner and exercise specialist at Just n Motion.

Justin Oelofsen




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