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Just n Motion • The Importance of Strength Training for Women

August 17, 2017
Just n Motion • The importance of strength training for women

There has been a misconception. Many women think that strength training and lifting weights to improve your physique and strength is a ‘manly’ way of exercising. However, women have made significant strides in our modern day society of being just as capable of matching the demands of modern exercise techniques as men. Women typically used to be characterised by spending 90% of their gym workouts on cardio machines but this has definitely changed. In fact, the way female athletes and active individuals train has changed significantly over recent times. So WHY do strength and weight training? It’s a NO Brainer Ladies!…

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Brainy Business

The World’s Top 10 Self-made Women Billionaires

August 3, 2017
The world's Top 10 Self-made Women Billionaires • Zhang Xin

More women entrepreneurs than ever before have climbed into the 10-figure club. A record 56 self-made women are now billionaires including the first ever from countries like Vietnam and Japan. In fact, more than half of these enterprising women hail from Asia. Worth a combined $129 billion, these trailblazers have founded some of the best known brands around the globe including Gap, Spanx, Alibaba and Little Caesars. Women are still the much rarer sex when it comes to wealth creation but they are moving in the right direction. The best-known self-made women billionaires around the world include Americans like Oprah…

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