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Bright Sparks

Evert Kleynhans • Rooistoel

March 31, 2017
Bright Sparks • Evert Kleynhans

Meet Evert Kleynhans. The vividly talented and fiercely passionate new media designer behind television and video production company Rooistoel. He’s a dreamer. An Entrepreneur. A round peg in a square hole. A true creative thinker who will inspire you with his fantastical stories and innovative ideas. We introduce to you family man, gentlemen and absolute tech aficionado Evert Kleynhans. Don’t be most people. Most people don’t achieve their dreams – Robert Kiyosaki Name: Evert Surname: Kleynhans Age:  14,813 days (on Friday 31 March 2017) Profession/Life’s work: Digital Storyteller (Whether you’re selling, promoting, documenting: if you’re doing it right, you’ll be telling a…

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