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Johan Cronje • South African Athlete

August 26, 2016
Johan Cronje

Meet Johan Cronje. South African track and field star, Olympian, Sport and Financial manager and all-a-round super nice guy. Johan is a 7 x National Champion who specialises in the 1500 metres event. With a personal best of 3:31.93 he is the current South African record holder in the 1500 metres. Want to know what goes on in the mind of a pro athlete? We’ll here’s your chance to pick his brain… Name: Johan (Tobias) Surname: Cronje Age: 34 Profession/Life’s work: SA Track & Field athlete/Sport & Financial Manager So, what’s your story? Where were you born? Bloemfontein Where did you go to school? Grey…

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Our 5 favourite Olympians of all time

August 16, 2016
Favourite Olympians of all time

What makes a fan Favourite Olympian? Is it the athlete to have won the most gold medals? The athlete who was the most dominant? The athlete to challenge at the top of their sport the longest at multiple Games? Or the athlete who overcame the biggest adversity? We all have our favourites and our own reasons for cheering, loving and being inspired by great Olympians. Here’s to those who bring their best to the biggest stage, brake records and make us dream big! Here are OUR 5 Favourite Olympians of all time: Favourite Olympian #1: Usain Bolt, Track, Jamaica What’s…

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