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5 Best Biographies: The Life Stories EVERYONE should read

May 15, 2017
Best Biographies • Steve Jobs

Smart people read biographies. Generalisations are usually worthless, but you can pretty much take this one to the bank. Look at their libraries and you’ll see, one biography and memoir and autobiography after another. There’s a reason – reading biographies is some of the most actionable and educational reading you can do. Think about it, a biography is a sweeping portrait of a life or a career. Politics and war, science and sports, memoir and history. Biographies allow you to see the world in a new way, through the life of another person who lived in a different time and place.…

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Bright Sparks

FJ & Sumari Potgieter • Eye Poetry Photography

February 24, 2017
Eye Poetry Photography • FJ Potgieter & Sumari Potgieter

Meet FJ & Sumari Potgieter. The dynamic duo behind the uber successful wedding and lifestyle photography brand, Eye Poetry Photography. Virtuosos of note. They are talented, passionate and charming to boot. They are the exceptional husband and wife team who love to capture love. Responsible for the gorgeous photography on Hello Smart Blog, we are very honoured to collaborate with these two marvelously gifted artistic minds every month and also VERY proud to call them our friends. We introduce to you, the splendid FJ & Sumari Potgieter of Eye Poetry Photography. FJ Potgieter Name: Frederik Johannes Surname: Potgieter Age: 26…

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3 Graduation Speeches that will inspire you for the year ahead

January 31, 2017
Top graduation speeches of all time - Hello Smart Blog

At the beginning of a new year there is always a sense of excitement. Yay, It’s 2017! Time for new adventures, new possibilities, new prospects. All very thrilling…! Unfortunately, NEW isn’t always so exhilarating. Many times NEW can also be very scary. What lies ahead? What challenges might we face? What uncertainties may lurk around the corner? What will 2017 bring? In many ways every new year is a graduation onto the next phase of our lives. And like us, on graduation day, many graduates are faced with the very same conundrum. Personally and professionally we do not know what…

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