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Music by Magpie • The magical memory of a song

June 26, 2017
Music by Magpie • The magical memory of a song

Have you ever experienced the feeling of nostalgia while listening to music, when one song floods your mind with a memory of a time and place and the people that shared that moment with you? There have been many studies regarding the brain and it’s connection to music, Psychologists and Neurologists have been documenting the effects for years, however I personally believe that this nostalgic feeling is a kind of magic, and emotional reaction I cannot quite describe in words. Memories stimulated by music often come from a particular times in our lives, and predominantly our youth,  Psychologists have called…

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Bright Sparks

BMWP • Boonzaier Meyer Wentzel Physiotherapy

October 28, 2016
Boonzaier Meyer Wentzel Physiotherapy

Meet the partners of BMWP – Boonzaier Meyer Wentzel Physiotherapy. Dana Boonzaier, Riaan Meyer and Schalk Wentzel are pioneering, passionate and witty to boot. Providing a broad range of innovative physiotherapy assessments, treatments and education, Boonzaier Meyer Wentzel Physiotherapy always aims to be original, inventive and advanced. Thinking out of the box seems to be a specialty of this razor sharp trio – Meet the Mavericks of Physiotherapy. Dana Boonzaier Age: 34 Profession/Life’s work: Physiotherapist and part-time property investor. Riaan Meyer Age: 30 something (39) Profession/Life’s work: Physiotherapist and entrepreneur Schalk Wentzel Age: 27 Profession/Life’s work: Physiotherapist and entrepreneur So what’s the story of the Boonzaier Meyer Wentzel…

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