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El’ Jefe Cantina

September 27, 2017
Cool Spots • El' Jefe Cantina

El’ Jefe Cantina The Walk Shopping Centre, Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein El’ Jefe Cantina on Facebook When it comes to flavourful food, spicy Mexican-inspired feasts sit pretty high up on our list! If a dish is filled or topped with cheese, chilli or smoky meat and then fried or baked, we’re in. Don’t forget the freshly made salsa, guacamole and lashings of sour cream, or the zingy ceviche that pairs so perfectly with jugs of frozen margaritas or tots of tequila. Located at the The Walk Shopping Centre in Langenhovenpark is Mexican delight El’ Jefe Cantina, Bloemfontein’s latest hot spot. Serving great…

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Smart Food • The Tequila Mexican Chicken Salad

September 20, 2017
Smart Food • The Tequila Mexican Chicken Salad

Turns out, this year Mexican food is quite the thing. Definitely one of this year’s biggest food trends, the beautiful rich, enchanting mix of flavour, colour and texture is quite simply put, YUM! Yes, traditional Mexican cuisine has never been hotter or more in the spotlight as it is now. NEW on the Jack and Jill Food co. menu this Spring is the fabulous Jill Nowers’ take on the fresh zesty flavours of a Mexican salad… with a touch of zany tequila, of course 😉 Jill’s food philosophy has always been about the basic principles of good food. Preparing delicious,…

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