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Tiffany’s Tips • Winter Wonderful 1-2-3

June 6, 2017
Winter wonderful • Smartguy

Winter is upon us BUT this month is all about the lads – and it’s high time we shift the focus a bit to the Smartguys. So because we all know men prefer minimum input, maximum reward I’m going to keep it super simple and easy this season… Here are my Winter Wonderful 1-2-3 tips… the Smartguy edition:   Get Buff, no wait, get A Buff! After working on those beach bodies all summer the last thing we want to do is let it all go to ruin because of those cold, dark winter mornings! Buff headwear might look like…

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Tiffany’s Tips • Smells like TEAM spirit

October 21, 2016
Tiffany's Tips Smells like TEAM spirit

One of my Top Tips for a healthy body and mind will always be to stay active. If you are into any form of sport, then by now you will know that summer is in full swing and there’s heaps of sporting action going on! From Currie Cup rugby (GO Cheetahs!!), cricket, golf, the recent olympics etc etc – there’s definitely something for everyone. This seems to have quite an effect on the guys – many a event is planned around these sporting battles, but not only that, it seems to spur men on as well and everyone is hitting…

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