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Tiffany’s Tips • Did you know 1 0 1?

April 12, 2018
Tiffany's Tips • Did you know

It’s did you know month on Hello Smart Blog And this April we’re bringing you the cold (yes, can you believe it’s almost Winter?), hard facts on all that is skincare. The 1 0 1 – Tiffany’s Tips style. 1. Winter Boosters Surely everyone knows the benefits that Vitamin C offers, but did you know that applying Vitamin C to the skin is 20 times more effective than digesting it! Also did you know that your skin cannot make new Collagen without Vitamin C? Now before you go off rubbing oranges or spritzing juice on your face there is a much easier way:…

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Tiffany’s Tips • Gold Medal Beauty Bag Products

August 19, 2016
Gold Medal Beauty Bag Products

In the spirit of all things Olympic (and with Spring right around the corner), it’s time to shake off Winter and dive right into a new season! Although we might not be Olympic winners and record setters ourselves, this month I am featuring some serious Beauty Bag product contenders up for gold! Here are my top 5 Gold Medal Beauty Bag product picks: For a Gold Medal Face: Beauty Bag pick #1: Lamelle Nourish Fantastic for Anti-Ageing, the Lamelle Nourish product line means business! First of it’s kind, this revolutionary range is capable of entering damaged skin cells and repair damage at a DNA…

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