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What’s in your bag • The Gym Bag

August 30, 2016
Nike Dri-FIT Gym Bag

Feeling very inspired by the recent sportiness of the Rio Olympics and with Spring around the corner, we realised that now was the perfect time to get our Gym Bag sorted! Whether you prefer a tough session in the gym or a hitting the road for a run, the best place to start is with a Gym Bag filled with great essentials. At OFS Smart Repair the Smartgirls love a good run, so to get into the spirit of a proper running session, here’s the essentials you’ll find in our Gym Bag: Gym Bag essential #1 • The perfect space…

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Music by Magpie • The Virtue of Patience

July 8, 2016
DJ Magpie

Is there anything more exciting than a notification announcing that the Album you pre-ordered on ITunes has finally become available and made its way to your ITunes library? Online shopping has taken the world by storm, if you have an internet connection, credit card and a street address, you can order almost anything using a few quick clicks, and sometimes you can even pay for next day delivery, that is if you don’t have the patience to wait the usual 3–5 days. Virtual Music stores have taken online shopping to the next level With a magnificent magical musical catalogue available…

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