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Top 5 Active Apps

October 25, 2016
Active Apps

With Summer in full swing everybody wants to be part of the ‘get-into-shape’ action.  December holidays is around the corner and nobody feels like hitting the beach when they are out of shape (yikes!). Sometimes though, getting active and into shape is much easier said than done… This time of year our energy levels are usually low and most of our exercise and healthy diet aspirations get easily deflated. But alias, don’t loose hope just yet! Sometimes all you need is that little bit of extra motivation and what can be a better source of inspiration or easier to use than…

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What’s in your bag • The Gym Bag

August 30, 2016
Nike Dri-FIT Gym Bag

Feeling very inspired by the recent sportiness of the Rio Olympics and with Spring around the corner, we realised that now was the perfect time to get our Gym Bag sorted! Whether you prefer a tough session in the gym or a hitting the road for a run, the best place to start is with a Gym Bag filled with great essentials. At OFS Smart Repair the Smartgirls love a good run, so to get into the spirit of a proper running session, here’s the essentials you’ll find in our Gym Bag: Gym Bag essential #1 • The perfect space…

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