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Music by Magpie • My Feel Good Spring Playlist for 2018

October 2, 2018
Music by Magpie • My Feel Good Spring Playlist for 2018 • Jeremy Loops

After a couple of false starts, Spring has finally got under way in Sunny SA This new season brings with it countless other promises, amongst others that of longer days, sunshine and balmy evenings. The air feels different, the overall mood is lighter, birds are chirping, and people all over are smiling. The dark days are over and everyone seems to have a spring in their step. I always think of Spring as the prequel to Summer The tester round for the festive season, friends come out of hibernation, all ready for a braai, sun downers and late night parties.…

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Music by Magpie • Spring in your Step Feel Good Tunes

September 13, 2016
Feel good tunes

For many the change of season brings an urge to get healthy and hit the gym or even the road. I may not be an expert on what makes people run faster or gym harder, but I can tell you which songs put me in a good mood instantly and will make even the laziest person get up and have a 30 second dance party, I refer to these as feel good tunes. According to a blog post I read recently, there is a real life formula for feel good tunes, and they even gave the equation to prove it.…

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