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Tiffany’s Tips • Winter Wonderful 1-2-3

June 6, 2017
Winter wonderful • Smartguy

Winter is upon us BUT this month is all about the lads – and it’s high time we shift the focus a bit to the Smartguys. So because we all know men prefer minimum input, maximum reward I’m going to keep it super simple and easy this season… Here are my Winter Wonderful 1-2-3 tips… the Smartguy edition:   Get Buff, no wait, get A Buff! After working on those beach bodies all summer the last thing we want to do is let it all go to ruin because of those cold, dark winter mornings! Buff headwear might look like…

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Tiffany’s Tips • Manscaping

May 24, 2016

This month we want to hear how smart all the Smartguys really are when it comes to Manscaping. A term that has been widely used since 2010 and is actually featured in some dictionaries. For some the word, Manscaping, conjures up vivid images of some poor guy being smeared with wax and ripped off (viciously!) and for others it simply seems to be something for the softies and the sissies! Well you couldn’t be any more wrong! Studies have shown that since 2012 40% of men claim to groom themselves compared to only 5% in 2005! So let’s break it…

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