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The Bloem influencers to follow on Instagram • Smartguy edition

June 28, 2018
Bloem influencers to follow on Instagram • Tony Peng

Why the Influencers trend is catching on in SA marketing and the names you should get to know. Instagram is where we go to find all that’s fresh, trendy and creative. Growing rapidly year on year, now more than ever, Instagram is one of South Africa’s MAJOR relevant social media platforms. A rise in social media users in South Africa Research firm World Wide Worx reported that Instagram users in South Africa increased 32% between 2016 and 2017 with another 8.5% growth during 2017 and 2018. This is a trend that is in line with smartphone penetration in the country.…

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Brainy Business

Our favourite Top Tips for better cellphone photos

November 15, 2017
Top Tips for taking better cellphone photos • FJ Potgieter Eye Poetry Photography

With Social media becoming a major marketing strategy for businesses, creating content is a number one priority for marketing managers and taking good quality photos with a Smartphone, whether it be for your social feed or blog, is a very in demand skill. Every month here at Hello Smart Blog we get to collaborate with one of the BEST photographers in the business, FJ Potgieter of Eye Poetry Photography. Being the topnotch cool guy that he is, we knew FJ wouldn’t mind if we picked his super talented brain on the very important subject of how to up our Social-media-photo game and…

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FJ & Sumari Potgieter • Eye Poetry Photography

February 24, 2017
Eye Poetry Photography • FJ Potgieter & Sumari Potgieter

Meet FJ & Sumari Potgieter. The dynamic duo behind the uber successful wedding and lifestyle photography brand, Eye Poetry Photography. Virtuosos of note. They are talented, passionate and charming to boot. They are the exceptional husband and wife team who love to capture love. Responsible for the gorgeous photography on Hello Smart Blog, we are very honoured to collaborate with these two marvelously gifted artistic minds every month and also VERY proud to call them our friends. We introduce to you, the splendid FJ & Sumari Potgieter of Eye Poetry Photography. FJ Potgieter Name: Frederik Johannes Surname: Potgieter Age: 26…

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