Smartguy Street Style • The Puffer

May 31, 2016

Puffer vests are back. Not that they went anywhere, exactly, but expect to see them all over this season. Scratch that: Expect to wear them all over this season. Dress it up or dress it down, the puffer is the ultimate casual utility layer.

The sleeveless puffer is usually filled with down or feathers or some combination of the two, and while designers seem to have recognised the practicality in packing on some heft to combat the cold, they also know you don’t want to look bulky. So the new breed of this wintertime staple has arrived with a trimmer, tailored fit. Toss it on over your golfer, suit or a sweater and hit the street. It’s that easy.

Lee PufferLee Puffer jacketLee Apple WatchEye_Poetry_Photography59 Eye_Poetry_Photography60 Eye_Poetry_Photography65Lee

Smartguy Lee is wearing:

  • Grey Sleeveless Slim Fit Puffer Jacket • Woolworths
  • Grey V-Neck Extra Fine Australian Merino Sweater • Country Road
  • Yellow Pure Cotton Regular Fit Golfer • Woolworths
  • Slim Navy Chinos • Country Road
  • Nice SB Dunk Low-pro Sneakers • Nike
  • Apple Watch Sport • Apple

Photography: Eye Poetry Photography

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