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October 14, 2016
Frank Spillman Sporty Basics

At OFS Smart Repair, the Smartguys love sporty basics. More than just a trend, athletic-inspired styles are finding their way into every facet of menswear.

These days sporty basics such as sports shoes, sweat pants and hoodies are considered to be absolutely appropriate for any non-gym based occasion which includes the office. Menswear’s lines of division between smart and casual have become blurred and the result is equal parts stylish and comfortable – so needless to say, we’re wholehearted supporters!

This easy to master look is about pulling off a sleek and sporty profile, by cleverly mixing and matching more tailored pieces with casual attire. So then, don’t let sportswear just be your off-duty go-to, and instead incorporate key pieces into your office wardrobe too.

Here’s our 3 key Smartguy Sporty Basics to invest in:
#1 The Track Pant

Frank Spillman Track pants

Track pants have skyrocketed in popularity in men’s street fashion because of their slim fit and sleek look. No longer seen as a disheveled stay-at-home garment, designers have applied the luxe treatment to track pants this season – cuts have been streamlined, details developed and fabrics enhanced.

TOP TIP: When wearing track pants to the office DO pair them with a formal button down shirt and a structured jacket. DON’T go crazy with colour and stick to a neutral colour like slate, grey, navy or charcoal.

#2 The Hoodie

Frank Spillman Sporty Basics

Sporty Basics Frank Spillman

Alongside track pants, the hoodie has enjoyed a recent image overhaul. Probably a more unexpected sporty basic to incorporate into your work wear, pulling this look off at the office is all about wearing your hoodie like a gentleman.

Look out for neutral block colours in high quality materials and slip your hoodie over a button down shirt or a smart golfer.

TOP TIP: At the office, dress up the look and DO pair your hoodie with formal work pants and stylish leather shoes. Keep the look simple and DON’T go overboard with big bold brand logo’s or prints.

#3 The Sportswear Shoe

Sportswear shoe Puma Trail

If anything serves as a barometer for the rise of sporty street wear, it has to be the sportswear shoe. As designers have stepped up their game creating ‘dressier’ models, sportswear shoes are now acceptable wear even at the office.

Leading sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas did much to kick-start the appetite for the sports shoe, while New Balance seemed to re-emerge almost overnight as the go-to label for the urban dresser.

TOP TIP: When wearing your sportswear shoes to the office DO avoid the gym wear look and keep the rest your ensemble dressier. Keep the look uber stylish and pair your sports shoes with formal pants and a button down shirt or golfer.

Frank Spillman Sporty Basics

Sporty or not, athletic-inspired styles works for everyone. So, invest in a couple of key sporty basics and have FUN pulling off this super trendy look.

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Frank Spillman Sporty Basics

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