Smart Food • No Pressure Nachos

October 11, 2016
Smart Food • Nachos


Getting snacks ready for a game day get together doesn’t mean having to get your big match temperament on.  There is no pressure in assembling these nachos – simple to pimp and great to share!

Nachos are all about the assembly rather than cooking, which makes for stress free entertaining and in the build up to kick off, who needs any extra pressure, right?

Keep your nachos simple and use the best ingredients that you can find

Nacho Chips

Nachos ingredients

A thick crisp corn chip, pickled jalapeno slices and cheese that you have grated yourself for a uniform melt.  Essential pimping extras like sour cream and guacamole can either be served on the side or dolloped on top – this is however personal preference.

Nachos ingredients

Don’t overcrowd your nachos

Rather build your corn chip tower layer by layer.  Select a baking tray that is going to double as your serving dish, layer the nachos, pickled jalapeno slices and grated cheese and then pop into a preheated oven for a couple of moments to melt the cheese.  Take it out the oven and repeat until you are satisfied with your tower!


Nachos should be served browned, almost charred, around the edges with the cheese crispy and crunchy.

Make your own guacamole, nothing beats it!  We add the salsa to the avo for a chunky guacamole.


Nachos prep

Nachos prep

Nachos Prep

Here is the recipe that we use at Jack and Jill Food Co.
  • 2 x avo’s, mashed
  • 150gm chopped romanita tomatos
  • 1 x small fresh red chilli, finely sliced (leave the seeds in for the burn if you like)
  • finely sliced red spring onions
  • a handful of chopped fresh coriander
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • salt and pepper to taste

Nachos assembly

Once out the oven, pimp your nachos as you choose… We lavished dollops of guacamole and sour cream on ours.  Grab some ice-cold beers and gather the gang, its time to kick off your “kuier” with your no pressure nachos.

Nachos assembly

Ps – nachos don’t make great leftovers so make sure that there aren’t any!!


Jill Nowers Nachos

We used:
  • Santa Anna organic corn chips. This recent find is not only delicious; the chips are thick, crunchy and locally produced (BONUS).  The product is organic, all natural, gluten free & non GMO.  By far one of our best foodie discoveries of 2016!
  • We just love St Dairy’s artisan heavenly organic natural cheese – 100% natural and lactose free. We have been using this sublime product at Jack and Jill Food Co. since opening in 2015.
  • All other fresh produced shopped from Woolworths

Loving the Nachos

NachosWritten by Jill Nowers of Jack & Jill Food co. • Our in-house Culinary Creative

Jill Nowers - Jack & Jill Food co.

*Sources:, Andrew Knowlton for Bon Appetit, Jamie Oliver

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