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Rules for a warm reception

June 3, 2016
OFS Smart Repair

First impressions last. Nowhere in your business will this ring more true than in your reception. The way in which you receive your clients is an absolutely integral part of any good business ammo. And because you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, here are 5 rules from the OFS Smart Repair reception to always create an engaging and friendly atmosphere:

  • First rule of Reception • ALWAYS smile and be genuinely friendly

A smile goes a long way in the business world, both in person and over the phone. No one wants to be greeted by a sour expression and a grumpy attitude. Make it a priority to always have a smile on your face and a cheerful, upbeat personality. Greet customers in a friendly, personable manner that instantly softens their mood. Even if you continue what you are doing before helping a customer, it is VERY important to greet them so that they feel acknowledged and know that you will help them in a moment.

  • Second rule of Reception • Be Helpful

Handle customers who come to your business with efficiency, politeness and be truly helpful. Never let the client feel that you cannot or even worse do not want to assist. Be courteous. Be respectful. Treat everyone like they are the most important person that has walked into the office that day. We all need a helping hand sometimes, and learning to extend yours a little more will help you build a reputation as a reliable, helpful person. Learn to anticipate the needs of the customer by listening closely to what they say and be on the lookout for ways to contribute and make life easier for your customers.

  • Third rule of Reception • Really Listen

A big part of a successful reception is listening to people – whether it is on the phone, a question a client is asking, or information being relayed to you. Being able to listen well will make you more efficient and helpful. You will be able to solve problems more quickly when you understand what the person is asking the first time around, and you’ll connect clients to the person they are trying to reach quickly.

  • Fourth rule of Reception • Keep Your Cool

Receptionists are often pulled in several different directions at once, but it’s imperative to keep your cool. Frazzled receptionists leave the impression that the company doesn’t have matters under control. Remember to stay patient with challenging customers, even if they get on your last nerve.

  • Fifth rule of Reception • Dress to impress

Receptionists are the people that represent the face of the company – they are the ones that clients first meet and speak too and therefore it is imperative that they should dress the part. Take time to put together and style your outfit. Dress as you want to be seen: professional, successful, and the kind of person the company would be proud of representing it.


*The month of June is Winter & a Cuppa month on Hello Smart Blog – stay tuned for winter style essentials, our favourite local cuppa and baking with #smartgirl Johanna.


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