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July 11, 2016
OFS Smart Repair
At OFS Smart Repair we are serious about service

When you bring-in your vehicle for repair, we know that there might be a bit of uncertainty as to how long the repair will take and how the process of the repair will work. Well, rest assured we’ve got it covered.

Here’s how we’ll be repairing your vehicle, step by step:

Smart Step 1 • Checking in your vehicle

OFS Smart Repair

The first step in the Smart Repair process is a very thorough A-Z manual and photographic check-in of your vehicle. For complete peace of mind, we remove all valuables and loose articles inside your vehicle for safekeeping in our secure storage room.

Smart Step 2 • Stripping and Panel repair work

OFS Smart Repair

At this stage all damaged panels are removed from the vehicle and our highly skilled and qualified team commences with the panel repair work sing the latest top-of-the line technology and equipment.

Smart Step 3 • Paint Preparation & Spray Painting

OFS Smart Repair

Meticulous paint preparation is done in our state-of-the-art drive through preparation bay using high tech vacuum systems to eliminate dust and the latest infrared lighting to efficiently cure primer. Once we have washed & masked your vehicle, expert personnel carefully match each color to each vehicle through a sophisticated computerized selection and mixing system. OFS uses a waterborne paint system that combines easy application and safe use to produce excellent results and ensures the removal of dangerous toxins from the environment.

Smart Step 4 • Final Assembling

OFS Smart Repair

Attention to every detail is ensured as repaired panels and parts are re-fitted to your vehicle. Any remaining mechanical work and wheel alignment which may be required is also completed at this stage.

Smart Step 5 & 6 • Polish  & Complimentary wash

OFS Smart Repair

All painted panels are polished after final assembling to ensure the original factory paint finish. After polishing is completed, our quick and efficient wash bay cleans & vacuums your vehicle.

Smart Step 7 • Quality control

OFS Smart Repair

The final step in the Smart Repair process is our quality control. A dedicated quality controller will put your vehicle through a final check to ensure the repairs were done meeting the strict repair standards set by the motor manufacturers. Once our quality controller is completely satisfied with all repairs, polish and cleaning, the client is contacted for collection.

Keeping you updated

OFS Smart Repair

Don’t worry! We’ll keep you in the loop via sms by confirming an estimated time of repair and updating you with regular progress sms notifications during the repair process.

It’s OK, we’ve got this

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