Music by Magpie • My Favourite Christmas Albums

November 28, 2017
Music by Magpie • My favourite Christmas Albums
The end of the year is hurtling to a finish.

It’s almost a month before Christmas and Michael Buble has popped out of the cave where he spends 10 Months of the year. The Shopping malls are filled with decorations and annoying Christmas elevator music is being projected from every speaker imaginable, it even snowed in November, so it’s official, the silly season is here..!

My fellow Events Industry folk will agree that most of us are less than jolly at the moment, we work hard this time of year……….  September, October, November and December sort of morph into one long month that doesn’t seem to end, so sometimes its hard to find the Christmas spirit.

But somehow without fail every year the Christmas spirit finds me, this usually happens by the second week in December when I realise that it is, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year and I look forward to spending some quality time with Family and friends, and also finding the all the special Christmas song releases.

This year I’ve done my best to leave my Grinch-like ways behind and I’ve done my homework a little earlier so that I may share some of these treasures with you all.


Christmas Albums for  2017 so Far……

Sia – Every Day is Christmas

Music by Magpie • My favourite Christmas Albums Sia

This album is full of original songs, it’s delightfully different to the usual tiresome Christmas album. The songs are bright, joyful and fun, with titles like Candy Cane Lane and Puppies are Forever, Sia has most definitely put her own stamp on Christmas this year.

The cover art is rather cool, Sia has swopped her usual half black half white look for green and red with a multicolor bow to tie it all up, at R89.99 on iTunes it’s a bargain, buy it, even if only for the puppies.


Gwen Stefani – You make it feel like Christmas

Music by Magpie • My favourite Christmas Albums GWEN STEFANI

The ‘You’ Gwen is referring to in the album title is none other than Blake Shelton, recently voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man alive. They even do a duet together called ‘You make it feel like Christmas ‘.

This album has a bouquet of my favourites on it, like ‘Santa Baby’, ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Last Christmas’ all done in a very sexy Gwen Stefani Way.


Hanson – Finally it’s Christmas

Music by Magpie • My favourite Christmas Albums HANSON

The last thing I remember these guys singing was Mmmbop…  which was in the 90’s so their voices have matured, and the songs are not bad, I just don’t think that Hanson has the street cred to get away with a Christmas Album.


Some Old Favourites….

  • Michael Buble – Christmas

Music by Magpie • My favourite Christmas Albums BUBLE

  • Boney M – Christmas with Boney M
  • Pentatonix – A Pentatonix Christmas


Favourite Christmas song

  • Band Aid 30 –  Do they know its Christmas Time

  • And for an Indie Christmas, try Alex Rain Bird Music’s channel on Youtube

And that’s it from me for 2017 folks, Merry Christmas to all…. and to all a good night …. xxx


Written by Margaret Whitfield • DJ Magpie • our in-house Music Maven

dj magpie


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