Just n Motion • We love NOT Pushing the Pause button on Exercise

February 10, 2017
Just n Motion • Don't push the pause button on exercise
Health and fitness greetings from Just n Motion!

So many of us return from our December vacations with the aspirations of having a fit and healthy new year but…the truth is, too often as an exercise professional I hear the following excuses!

  • I’m just sooooo busy this month, I will start training next month! I’ve heard that one before!
  • I don’t have enough hours in my day… SERIOUSLY???
  • I will start eating right once I get into a routine again. So what is wrong with RIGHT NOW?
  • I know I should but I’m just not motivated enough. Then find yourself an exercise professional to MOTIVATE you!!! 

And… the list goes on and on!!!!

If you moan about your physical health and wellness but are not prepared to do anything about it, then, I’m sorry to say, stop complaining! The truth is, we live in an era where fast and busy lifestyles is a reality and we need to find a way to include a healthy workout into our daily routines.

As an exercise professional I get challenged to help people make positive changes to their health and physical wellness so here are a few tips as to:

How you can prevent pressing the PAUSE button on your exercise routine:

Just n Motion • Don't push the pause button on exercise

#1 Commit to doing a 20-30mins workout during the day

Think about it in this way… if you do 4 sessions of 20 minutes per week, you have at least done 80 minutes of exercise which Is better than nothing at all!!!

#2 Set realistic goals

Rather set short term goals that are achievable. Start small and build towards the bigger picture. Make sure you write down these goals so they are visible for you to see on a daily basis!

#3 If you can’t get to the gym, follow a home program

Equip yourself with a few basic exercise tools ie: exercise mat, theraband and a swiss ball. Follow a home program on the days that you simply cannot get to gym.

Just n Motion • Don't push the pause button on exercise

#4 Get a gym partner

When your training with a partner there is always someone to cheer you on. The best partner is someone who is in a similar routine as to what you are.

#5 Follow a healthy eating program

Following a healthy eating program is SUPER important. You will not see great results if you do not commit in the kitchen.

Just n Motion • Don't push the pause button on exercise

#6 And most importantly…Consult an exercise professional

To help you achieve your goals and to manage your exercise program according to your needs and lifestyle.

Simple, Isn’t it???!!!!

So in 2017, lets try and push the play button, instead of pushing the pause button on exercise!


*Written by our health and fitness guru Justin Oelofsen • Owner and exercise specialist at Just n Motion.

Justin Oelofsen

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