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Introducing The New Nippy Volvo XC40

September 7, 2018
Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

Meet the NEW Volvo XC40

The small SUV that’s big on innovation.

Expressive design, ingenious storage and smart technology. Volvo’s latest offering is built for city life.

With OFS Smart Repair being a PROUD Volvo partner and the ONLY Approved Volvo Auto Body Repair centre in the Free State and Northern Cape, we could not wait to test drive the latest addition to the Volvo Family.

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

AND NOW The Volvo XC40 is available in South Africa in a T3 guise, priced at less than R500,000. And the new powertrain is the first three-cylinder engine in the company’s 91-year history.

The new 1.5 litre T3, three-cylinder, direct-injection petrol engine was developed in-house using the same modular design as Volvo’s four-cylinder Drive-E engines. The three-cylinder powertrain comes with a six-speed manual transmission while an optional eight-speed transmission will follow at a later date.

The T3 compliments the very funky XC40 range already available in the country, of which there are four derivatives. Ranging between a XC40 D4 Momentum AWD (Priced from R632,100 – 140 kW) and Volvo XC40 T5 R-Design AWD (Priced from R649,700 – 185 kW).

In South Africa, the XC40 T3 is now available in manual, with the T3 automatic due to follow later next year.

With 115 kW and 265 Nm on tap, the XC40 T3 performs exceptionally well and delivers excellent fuel efficiency.

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

Ian Kettle – Lead Exterior Designer

“This is a car with a strong character. From day one I referred to it as the ‘Tough Little Robot’. It’s about its stance, surfacing and its sense of playfulness”

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

Street Smart

·     Expressive design

The Volvo XC40 is the authentic SUV for the city. Trendy Youthful design combines with chic SUV proportions to create a car that makes a bold statement.

·     Space for life

The Volvo XC40 has smart storage features that make life less complicated. With door bins large enough for laptops and handbags, and an ingenious foldout takeaway hook.

There’s even a bin under the centre armrest that will hold a full-size tissue box.

·     Loads better

Loading and unloading the Volvo XC40 is super easy thanks to features such as a hands-free, power-operated tailgate. Simply move your foot under the rear bumper to open or close it automatically.

There’s also a foldable, removable load floor and rear backrests that can be folded at the touch of a button.

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

Smart technology

Technology has a human feel in the Volvo XC40.

From the easy-to-use centre touch screen to the high-resolution driver display and voice control that understands normal speech, it’s there to make things less complicated.

It’s as natural as using your phone.

Functional practicality was a major focus on the inside of the XC40. Smart features like a removable rubbish bin, a cubby hole hook, a dedicated smartphone storage area with wireless (inductive) charging, transform a cluttered car interior into a place of serenity and organised efficiency.

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 

Andreas Ropel – Attribute Leader, Digital User Experience

“Everything starts with people at Volvo Cars. That’s why technology in the Volvo XC40 feels human and natural”

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

Wired for sound 

As you know, the SMART Team are HUGE music fans –> nothing like an awesome tune to start our day. And driving to work in the the Volvo XC40, you can bet the tunes were ROCKING 😉

The Volvo XC40 is built for a top notch music experience with features including a unique air-ventilated woofer that delivers precise, powerful sound.

And for an even more immersive experience, choose the optional Harman Kardon Premium Sound audio system. An exceptional result of a collaboration by Volvo with one of the world’s leading audio brands.

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

YIP, the Volvo XC40 is design that works

A taste of Sweden

The cabin of the XC40 embodies contemporary Swedish style and craftsmanship.

An uncluttered layout lets you focus on the beautiful details and carefully crafted materials. Absolutely modern Scandinavian interior design at its best.

XC40 customers also have an excellent choice in trim levels, including Momentum and R-Design, and a new Inscription level.

The Inscription trim offers exterior styling choices with 18″, 19″ or 20″ rims and unique skid plates. Side window and grille mesh chrome, plus model-specific car colours. Inside, Inscription adds a newly designed crystal gear knob and the attractive Driftwood deco, which Volvo first introduced in its award-winning XC60 mid-size SUV.

Additional accessories include 21″ Black Diamond Cut alloy wheels, and a new accessory styling kit that offers brushed stainless steel skid plates and integrated dual tailpipes.

Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40 Introducing The New (not-so-little) Volvo XC40

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