Happy Birthday to us

March 18, 2016
Happy Birthday OFS Smart Repair


Get your streamers ready and grab your party whistles, because we are officially celebrating our birthday!

For OFS Smart Repair’s 32nd birthday, celebrating with fun and flare was a must. We transformed our reception into a carnival of merriment filled with red, white and blue balloons, stacked presents and a fabulous 3 tiered cake, baked by our very own gourmet-in-house cake baker Johanna. Pocket-sized Jack ‘n Jill cupcakes were a sweet treat enjoyed by all while the OFS Instagram booth was everybody’s favorite photo-stop of the day.

The smart guys and girls of the OFS Smart Team also received a very special birthday gift – a custom light bulb container filled with SMARTies. Just a little something to say thanks for all the hard work and to remind each of them that they are all the bright sparks of the OFS Smart Team without whom none would be possible.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to enjoy the Birthday cheer.

What a day! Here’s to the next 32, Cin cin!

  • We went to: OFS Smart Repair Birthday Bash, East End, Bloemfontein
  • We ate: Custom 3 tiered OFS cake and pocket-sized Jack ‘n Jill Cupcakes
  • We drank: H2O OFS mineral water
  • We wore: OFS Smart Casual Custom T’s
  • Photography: Eye Poetry Photography
  • Event planning: Spotted Apple

Eye_Poetry_Photography4 Eye_Poetry_Photography05 Eye_Poetry_Photography6 Eye_Poetry_Photography9 Eye_Poetry_Photography7 Eye_Poetry_Photography10 Eye_Poetry_Photography11 Eye_Poetry_Photography12 Eye_Poetry_Photography13 Eye_Poetry_Photography16 Eye_Poetry_Photography15 Eye_Poetry_Photography20  Eye_Poetry_Photography22  Eye_Poetry_Photography26 Eye_Poetry_Photography29 Eye_Poetry_Photography30 Eye_Poetry_Photography33 Eye_Poetry_Photography37   Eye_Poetry_Photography45 Eye_Poetry_Photography49 Eye_Poetry_Photography52 Eye_Poetry_Photography55   Eye_Poetry_Photography63 Eye_Poetry_Photography65 Eye_Poetry_Photography66   Eye_Poetry_Photography71  Eye_Poetry_Photography76  Eye_Poetry_Photography81 Eye_Poetry_Photography83

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