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Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me

May 25, 2017
Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me

Meet Elizabeth Pretorius. The beautiful and vibrant artist, photographer, designer and all-round enchanting creative behind the gorgeous Mommy blog and brand Mumu and Me. She is smart, passionate and seriously talented.

Having recently launched an uber-chic contemporary e-commerce addition, the Mumu and Me shop, to her charming eponymous brand, it’s clear to see that this Mommy means business.

We are delighted to introduce to you the very inspiring talent that is Elizabeth Pretorius.
Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeElizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeToday you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Dr. Zeuss
Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeName:

Elizabeth Christina (Elani)





Profession/Life’s work:

Blogger, Brand owner, Photographer and Visual curator.

Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me EyePoetryPhotography12 EyePoetryPhotography13So, what’s your story?

Where were you born?

Born in Bloemies

Where did you go to school?

OMS (Oranje Meisieskool)

Where and what did you study?

BA fine Art at Kovsies and I did short course with Intec in Fashion Buying and Merchandising.

What was your childhood dream?

To be a broadway star and later I wanted to make movies, Directing.

What was your first job?

Working at the Church fair and waitressing.

Advice that shaped you career?

Don’t be afraid and always focus on your own work. If you can see, identify and recognize what makes you unique, you will have no competition.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Baby Jax. He wakes us up 5:30 and says “hey” to me, my husband and then to all the dogs. Hehe… So I guess besides that he wakes us up literally. It’s still my family that makes me want to get out of bed and face the day. They are my life.

Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me EyePoetryPhotography15Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me What motivates you?

I’ve always had a very strong drive. If I fail or face disappointment, I usually get over it pretty quickly and I just want to get on with it and do better. I get motivated by the bigger picture. Everything I do has a bigger purpose. It’s not just stuff. If I can make a small difference everyday or just inspire one person or motivate them. That motivates me. I love inspiring and encouraging people.

How do you spend your down time?

Well down time, I love playing with Jax outside, doing boy stuff. I am a busy bee so if I get a chance I like decorating, changing my house and organizing. Alone time, I love reading inspiring stories. Me and my husband also love making food and exploring new places.

What does success look like to you?

Success is not about being famous, having money or the opinions and labels of other people. Success is trying your very best. Success is even if you fail to keep on trying and take the lesson with you. Getting up in the morning and feeling proud about what you have accomplished so far and learning out of your failures.

What sets you apart from other photographers and bloggers?

I believe photography is 30% photography and 70% people skills. I don’t think I’m the best photographer, but most of the time clients book me, because I am easy to work with, I make them feel comfortable and I always find the unique beauty in everyone.  What sets me apart from other bloggers is that I have my own style. I am relatable and also my life lessons. Like I’ve said it’s all about inspiring other people. That’s what’s important to me as a blogger. The bigger picture. And have you seen my new shop? I love collaborating with brands to create unique, beautiful and simple products.

What are the valuable lessons you have learnt in business?
  • Believe in your brand and be consistent. Don’t focus on others.
  • Be honest and honorable when doing business, treat everyone with the same respect.
  • Always try to be one step ahead and keep up with current trends.
What makes a great blogger?

A great blogger doesn’t  just have thousands of followers and pretty photos. A great blogger has interesting content. Has something to say and to stand for. Someone that is authentic and consistent with their message and brand.

What makes a great photographer?

A great photographer for me has a clear personal style to their work. They are able to work with people and they’re adaptable to chancing situations, light and weather.

Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeElizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeGive me 3 words that describes you best?

Positive, warm and strong.

What are your 3 biggest accomplishments in your career thus far?
  • The step of faith I took after six years of wedding photography to just do families and lifestyle and building that brand hardly with any marketing.
  • Starting my blog and doing everything from the design of the site, SEO and photography. I am proud of the way it grew since I started it only 10 months ago.
  • Opening up my online shop and developing the products.
I wish I could tell my 22-year-old self:

Life is not that serious, enjoy the small moments! And also to care less about the wrong opinions from the wrong people.

Your hidden talent:

I can name the Miss SA’s from the 1980’s – Yep, I’m a huge beauty pageant fan! 😉

What other bloggers and photographers do you look up to?
What is one characteristic that you believe every blogger should possess?


What advice would you give someone starting their own blog?
  • Don’t try and be someone else or look for to much inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram etc. Find your own voice and style. It takes a lot of commitment and work. Don’t buy likes and try to take short cuts. Do it the right way, even if it takes longer.
  • Do your research.

Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeElizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeElizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeElizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and MeFavourites:

  • ColourBlue and white
  • FoodMy hubbies food! Sushi and something spicy.
  • DrinkLemon ice tea
  • Blogger: Kelli Murray
  • Photographer: There are so many…I guess Summer Murdock.
  • BrandApple and Zara kids
  • Happy placeAnywhere by the ocean. Especially the West Coast.
  • BandWe are huge music lovers. I listen to a very diverse range of music. Love old school Rock, White buffalo and at the moment The Chainsmokers.
  • Car: Land Cruiser
  • Movie: Lately I have watched a lot of animations…hehe go figure. So, love Zootopia and a grown up film I love is Hacksaw Ridge.
  • If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why? Lisa Bevere. Love her books and sermons. She is a mom of four boys and an incredible pastor. She has faced many challenging obstacles in her live and I would love to pick her brain on how she juggles everything and find out more about her life and wisdom.
  • Quote“Stars can’t shine without darkness”
  • Book or MagazineDestined to reign by Joseph Prince
  • Online inspiration: Pinterest
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Elizabeth Pretorius • Mumu and Me


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