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Christo Smit • Urbanjava

July 29, 2016
Christo Smith Art Director Urbanjava

Meet Christo Smit. The insanely talented founder, Art Director and entrepreneur of Urbanjava. Specializing in digital design and brand communication across multiple platforms and channels, Christo is the yin to the yang of Hello Smart Blog. An incredible collaborator with a radical flair, we proudly introduce to you, the superb designer and Art Director behind the Hello Smart Blog and OFS Smart Repair brands.

  • Name: Christo
  • Surname: Smit
  • Age: 29 years YOUNG
  • Profession/Life’s work: Entrepreneur and Founder of Urbanjava / Art Director | Co-Founder: Easy Student (Tech Start-up)

So, what’s your story?

Being born as a child of wonder, I was always pro-found by anything and everything creative of origin. My love for art and creativity bloom into something bigger as I grew up, having  art as my main subject in School I realised that I could not leave the passion behind for the culinary arts and moved onto a higher form of education to entice my curiosity with a new found language called visual communication. Thus Began my career in the advertising industry.

Art Director Christo Smith Urbanjava

  • Where were you born? I was born in Bloemfontein, Free state, South African on second of May 1987
  • Where did you go to school? Northern Cape High School
  • Where and what did you study? DCM & Planet Pixl Studying – Visual Communication
  • What was your childhood dream? To be some sort Cartoonist or visual illustrator, I loved to doodle.
  • What was your first job? Drawing and Painting hand Calligraphy or retail stores windows for promotions.
  • Advice that shaped you career: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? I wake up between 04:00 -04:30 every day trying to get a head start on everyone still sleeping. So I suppose my optimistically approach on getting things done. (RISE AND GRIND)
  • What motivates you? Success in being able to measure my daily input & report. The value of achievement in a days work
  • How do you spend your down time? Friends and family when I can, being social, active and keeping myself, healthy and inspired.
  • What does success look like to you? Knowledge, experienced and educated by an life path
  • What sets you apart as an influential man in business? I believe the work that I/we do is important and stand for something. So in essence I suppose my ethical values, standards
  • What are the valuable lessons you have learnt in business? You are the sole representative of your own future.
  • What makes a great designer? A great skill set and vast experiences of the industry is definitely important. But I also do believe in personality as a trade.
  • Give me 3 words that describes you best? Optimistic, Fun, different
  • I wish I could tell my 22-year-old self: Explore the world, be inspired, seek knowledge and understanding of things. Make mistakes, learn and love what you do J
  • Hidden talent: I guess I’m good at making toast. I Demonstrate inordinate politeness in nearly every situation. I sleep well on airplanes, clapping with one hand. I can quote B list movies in a conversation and you’ll never know. I can ride a bike without using my handlebars.

Urbanjava Christo Smit Art Director

  • What other designers, entrepreneurs, start-ups do you look up to?
  1. Alexis Ohanian: internet entrepreneur, activist and investor (Brooklyn New York City)
  2. Red Antler: Simon Endres, Creative Director/Partner  (Brooklyn New York City)
  3. Anthony Casalena: Founder and CEO of Squarespace NY (SoHo)
  • What is characteristic that you believe every entrepreneur should possess? Obsession, Motivation, Perseverance
  • What advice would you give someone starting their own business? Surround yourself with advisors, mentors and coaching who will nurture you to become a better leader and businessman and person. Find successful, knowledgeable individuals with whom you share common interests and mutual business goals that see value in working with you for the long-term.

Urbanjava Christo Smit Art Director

  • Colour: Black is the absence of colour, so in theory is not a colour, but I love it anyways.
  • Food: Food consisting of a meat ingredient
  • Drink: Roasted Coffee Beans “my faves” Deluxe, Seatle,Truth, Rosetta
  • Sport: Running / Mountain Biking (MTB)
  • Sport persona: The super Ruan Sandes, Mountain Biker, Paddler, Surfer and Trail Runner. (Team Salomon, Team Red Bull, Tea, Oakley)
  • Designer: Simon Endres – CD@Red Antler Brooklyn New York
  • Brand: Red Bull
  • Happy place: When I am alone one the road running
  • Quotes:
  1. “Design is a journey of discovery”  – Derek Parker
  2. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” Steve Jobs
  • Book or Magazine: a sketch pad
 My 5 Online inspiration Favourites:
  1. Design Inspiration Creative showcase
  2. Brand Magazine Narrating Discussions
  3. TED Talks Influential powerful talks/ideas
  4. Soundcloud Podcast & music
  5. The Verge Intersection of technology, science, art, and culture

Urbanjava Christo Smit Art Director headphones


Video Direction & Compilation:

Animation: Ruan Hitge


Location: Cape Town CBD, South Africa

Art Direction:              

We believe amazing things come from radical collaboration. So send us a mail at and let’s get collaborative.

Urbanjava | Good Vibes 
Urbanjava Christo Smit



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