Best of Hello Smart Blog 2017 • The Video

December 7, 2017
OFS Smart Repair • Happy Holidays
You’ll miss the BEST things if you keep your eyes shut • Dr. Seuss

At the end of our first year on the blog, we commissioned our kick butt design team at Urban Java to create a super cool video showcasing the BEST of Hello Smart Blog.

You see, we had so much fun on the blog during that first year that we wanted to celebrate with a special memento to remember not only where we started, but also where our adventures had taken us during that year.

It was a very special year and 2017 was no different – we had a BLAST!

We wore red jumpsuits and graffiti parkas. We travelled to Cape Town and Prague. We ate the most delightful artisan cupcakes and were treated to dinner under the beautiful Free State sky. It was an incredible adventure here on the blog and we enjoyed absolutely every minute of it!

So, for our last official post of 2017, we decided to do it again and end the year off with a BANG of a BEST of Hello Smart Blog 2017 Video by none other than our rocking design team at Urban Java.

So here we go… enjoy!

Best of Hello Smart Blog 2017 • The Video

Have a VERY Merry Festive Season and a FANTASTIC New Year! We’re looking forward to a Smart Sassy Stylish 2018.

 Team Hello Smart Blog x

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