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5 Tips to Beat The Office Blues

July 5, 2016
Office Blues

WOO HOO IT’S MONDAY!  (said no one, ever) – Feeling a bit of the office blues? We’ll don’t fret, you’re not the only one. The average business professional has 30 to 100 projects on their plate. Modern workers are interrupted seven times an hour and distracted up to 2.1 hours a day. Sometimes everyone just feels overwhelmed and overly busy.

So, what to do when you feel a bit blue? Here are 5 OFS Smart Repair Tips to make every workday the BEST day!

Beat the blues Tip #1: Rock on

Listening to music is a fantastic way to cheer up. Music releases endorphins, which relieves stress, leading to a relaxed and happier you. Get your jam on at work and listen to your favourite tunes on the radio.

Beat the blues Tip #2: Be kind and make friends

Going to work shouldn’t have you feeling alone or bored – get to know your co-workers and soon enough you’ll be going to work with your friends. Always be kind, helpful and add value to the team. It’s a lot harder to feel down when there is a great spirit of camaraderie at the office.

Beat the blues Tip #3: Make lunch Epic

A great lunch can do wonders to lift your spirit. Pack a delicious wholesome lunch and enjoy. Check out our What’s in your lunchbox post for some great tips on packing a scrumptious lunch – yum!

Beat the blues Tip #4: Get Organised

They say an organised desk is a sign of an organised mind. And, isn’t that the truth! Knowing where things are is a simple and effective way to reduce irritation and stress at work. Keep on top of things with a neat desk and add a bit of personality to your space with fun stationary.

Beat the blues Tip #5: Work In Style

It’s scientifically proven that when you love what you’re wearing, you feel better. And when you feel better you work better. So banish the office blues with a super stylish outfit and add a pop of colour to lift your mood.

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