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5 Business Tips girls can learn from guys

May 3, 2016

Last month we shared 5 business tips guys can learn from girls – well as the month of May is officially #smartguy month on Hello Smart Blog, the guys thought the best way to start the month is to return the favour!

Here are 5 business tips the girls can learn from the guys:

  1. Confidence is key

From an early age, boys tend to speak out, without letting a fear of mistakes hold them back. Believe in yourself ladies, speak up and don’t doubt what you are capable of. Emulate your confidence and be your own biggest cheerleader!

  1. Have a thick skin

Don’t take criticism so personally, especially in work situations. Men brush off criticism more easily than women — and the ladies can learn from them by doing the same. Internalising failure slows down the process of innovation and the ability to be your best self for the next opportunity that may be right around the corner.

  1. Don’t Worry Obsessively

That’s not to say the guys never worry—they do. But they don’t immediately jump to the worst-case scenario. Women, however, can make the leap in record time! Ladies, don’t hash out things over and over again. Rather focus on the factors you have control over and whether or not you can take concrete action. There is no point is worrying if you can’t do anything about it. Therefor fix what you can, but let go of what you cannot.

  1. Don’t wait to seize new opportunities

A Hewlett-Packard study revealed that the women working at HP applied for promotions only when they believed they met 100% of the qualifications necessary for the job. On the contrary, the guys were happy to apply when they thought they could meet just 60%! Essentially, women wait until they are perfect candidates before reaching for new opportunities. Ladies learn from the guys and jump for opportunities that excite you and feel like a perfect fit with your strengths — no matter what the exact qualifications are.

  1. Say what you mean without saying “sorry”

One distinctive difference between men and women is women’s excessive use of the word ‘sorry’. This word is as common as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, when it comes to a woman’s vocabulary. Don’t get us wrong ladies, ‘sorry’ should be communicated at the appropriate time, such as when you inadvertently do something wrong, but it should not be said before or after you are expressing your opinion or informing someone of a decision you have made. Men have somewhat of a heads up over women when using the word ‘sorry’, they are most likely to use it only when absolutely necessary or demanded. Take note!

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